Drama Club

High School Drama Club

The WHS Drama Club is a group dedicated to excellence in theatre. The drama club meets once every two weeks in the auditorium. This club is designed to educate students interested in theatre both onstage and backstage. We achieve this by running a classroom structured club where lessons are taught at each meeting and students are then given “challenges” (Homework) that they must present to the group at the next meeting. We also do fundraising for the drama department as a whole, through a Valentine's Day fundraiser, Pictures With Santa, and also a one night only, ELVIS Tribute Concert with Tribute Artist Doug Church. These help the students in learning the financial responsibilities that go into running and funding a proper drama group. We take trips to see shows in Chicago, and even stay here to see shows in our own backyard. Most recently a group of students attend “Les Miserables” at the Memorial Opera House. There are no fees to be in drama club and everyone is welcome as we learn ALL areas of the theatre, not just performing.


(Union Township Theatre Performance)

BTC has been a well oiled machine of theatrical hits and theatre education for the last 20 years, and that tradition is still alive! We are very fortunate to have a beautiful 800 seat facility to perform in, and are working each year to improve our theatre technology through sound, lights, and stage effects. Any student may audition or sign up to work backstage for the two high school productions each year, as well as our summer community theatre where parents can get involved to! We run a musical performance in the fall with an average commitment of 3 months from auditions to performance, and in the spring we run a play, with an average of 2 months from auditions to performance. We invite anyone interested to come check it out at one of our 4 shows a year that BTC produces. We have performed such hits as, Disney's Tarzan, A Wonderful Life, Titanic: Tragedy and Trial, Steel Magnolias, Wizard of Oz, and coming this summer, SHREK The Musical! Our cast sizes range, and we do our absolute best to include everyone who would like to participate. For more information about our current season, or upcoming events you can always visit our website, www.bearcattheatre.com and/or “LIKE” our page on Facebook for up to date pictures, video clips, and show reminders!