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Drug and Alcohol Education Facts
Posted On:
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Drug and Alcohol Education Facts:

According to the 2012 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use by Indiana Children and Adolescents (ATOD) Survey, Porter County Indiana shows that we score higher than state averages in the following areas:

*Use of alcohol, binge drinking, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, inhalants, heroin, and prescription drugs. *Recent studies also indicate that 1 in 4 children in 4th grade experience peer pressure to use marijuana, by the time they reach 12th grade 40.7% will have used marijuana. By 8th grade 13% of students have binged on alcohol, by senior year that number is over 40% reporting monthly use of alcohol.

The UTSC Random Drug Screen Policy is an attempt to change the culture of acceptance regarding drug use and give our students a credible reason to not engage in substance use.

Alcohol facts:

1. Having one drink can impair the brain’s ability to function.

2. Alcohol causes a range of physical consequences from nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, blackouts, not caring for the safety of one self or others, engaging in risk taking behaviors, and alcohol poisoning that can lead to death

3. At least 9 teens die every day from alcohol related causes.

Drug Facts:

1. Porter County shows the largest statistically confirmed increase compared to state averages in the use of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, hallucinogens, and over the counter drugs.

2. Prescription drug abuse is being used at younger ages and is seen as favorable by teens.

3. In 2012, 20% of drug poisonings at our county hospital were due to prescription medications.

What Parents need to know: SIGNS OF DRUG OR ALCOHOL USE

• Beware of older friends, new friends who engage in poor choices

• Slipping grades, tardiness, skipping or cutting classes • Increased use of incense or room/car deodorizers • Pay attention to consistently negative attitude, frequent fighting with family. • Pay attention to how cash is spent

• Valuable personal items come up "missing" or "borrowed"

• Keep track of mileage on vehicle • Drastic change in style, such as clothing and music

• Missing spoons, torn up soda cans, little Ziploc bags, small pieces of foil

• Avoidance of conversation, claiming to be misunderstood

• Long sleeves or inappropriate clothing for the weather

• Unusual mood swings, eating habits, or sleeping patterns

• Always having somewhere to be, persistent telephone calls, anxious to leave any family event, constantly being preoccupied

• Upset stomach, nausea

• Bad acne outbreaks, UTI's due to toxins

• Consistently missing school on Monday, never Friday

• Always scratching; dry red nose and face

• Check cars, bedrooms, closets, trunks and stereos for drug residue and alcohol containers

• Seeds in car seat and in pockets Information provided by the Porter County Substance Abuse Council HELPFUL HINTS

• Your child needs you, their parent, not another friend.

• Remember your kids may be offered drugs at school or at their workplace on a regular basis. If you don't talk to them about drugs...SOMEONE ELSE WILL.

• Between 3‐6pm is statistically the most dangerous times for drug use among teens.

• Know your child's friends' first and last names.

• Give your child a reason/excuse to say no ‐ my parents drug test, my mom would kill me if I use, the car will be taken away, etc.

• Keep track of prescription medication.

• Don't believe the statement "They're not my drugs, I'm keeping them for a friend."

• Enforcing rules NOW will help your kid's life in the future.

• Good kids make bad decisions.

Where to go for help: ❖ Alice’s Halfway House for Women – 18 and older (219) 462‐7200

❖ Care Counseling Adult outpatient programs Valparaiso (219) 759‐6760

❖ Choices Drug and alcohol individual and group therapy Valparaiso, 548‐8727

❖ Family & Youth Service Bureau Adult & Adolescent Valparaiso (219) 464‐9585

❖ Frontline Foundation Chesterton & Valparaiso 728‐1638, over 18

❖ Hazelden Adult and Adolescent Impatient Center City, MN (800) 257‐7810

❖ Men’s Respite House Valparaiso (219) 548‐1300

❖ Moraine House Men’s Halfway House‐ 18 and older (219) 464‐9983

❖ Michiana Behavioral Health Plymouth, IN (574) 936‐3784

❖ New Beginning Counseling Teen Substance Abuse Valparaiso (219) 303‐2343

Porter County Drug Task Force

➢ If you have information on drug dealers or users call 465‐3629 Porter County Substance Abuse Council

➢ Grants, drug testing kits for parents, drug & alcohol info. (219) 462‐0946

➢ Porter Starke Services Adult and Adolescent drug outpatient programs (219) 531‐3500

➢ Regional Mental Health Center Merriville (219) 769‐4005

➢ Rosecrance Adult & Adolescent Chicago, (888) 928‐5278

➢ St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Dyer, IN (219) 865‐2141

➢ Women’s Recovery House Valparaiso (219) 464‐2128o

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