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My educational journey began in a rural town in Capital Area Michigan. Since then, I have completed my undergraduate studies at Indiana University (Bloomington). I have a B.S. in Chemistry Education and completed enough course work to minor in both Spanish and Psychology. For some reason, I just could not stop taking those classes.

I am currently working towards my Masters in Chemical and Life Sciences through the University of Maryland’s continuing education program. Education is a highly coveted tradition in my family and I am proud to continue pursing higher education and to share my content knowledge and experiences with the students at Wheeler High School.


My position at Wheeler is my first teaching position after college. This is my second year as the chemistry teacher at Wheeler High School and it just gets better and better every day. I moved to Wheeler without any since of family, community, or connection to the area and much has changed since then. I have found a home here.

I alluded earlier that my family works in the education system. Indeed, both of my parents were teachers and so my summers have always been devoted to spending time with the family cruising the Great Lakes and North Channel (Canada) on our family’s live-aboard sailboat. Any activity on the water, especially swimming, is where you will find me in the summer!

I am also very happy to be working closely with the drama program here at the school. Choreography and dance are two of my greatest joys in life. I count myself very privileged to have a job that allows me to continue participating in all of activities that bring me joy!

Coming soon… I will also be taking on one of the supervisory positions of the student council here at the high school and look forward to that new experience with the students next year!


Hello! I hope that this page gives you some insight into my classroom and I. I strive to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment. I teach general chemistry (Chemistry I) and advanced placement/dual credit chemistry (Chemistry II). As a class, we will use strong conceptual understanding, sound scientific reasoning, and clever chemistry-related pun creation in order to reach a mastery level of comprehension.