Kathleen Kosal Staff Photo

I am a graduate of Grace College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education. I completed my degree in only three years. My love for yearbook sparked when I was in high school, and I have worked on a yearbook staff for four years.


I started teaching at Wheeler High School in 2014—my first teaching job!


Hi there! Welcome to the home page of Miss DeVries. I hope you will find everything you need to know about my classes right here! I teach English and also advise the yearbook at Wheeler High School. Teaching is my greatest passion in life, and I strive to show this in my classroom every day. My goal is to instill a love of life and a thirst for learning in each of my classes and students. I work toward this through innovative class and curriculum design, and lessons specially tailored to the needs and interests of my students. My “kids” are my pride and joy, and the reason I show up every day.

I currently live in Valparaiso, but my hometown is in the west suburbs of Chicago. I fell in love with teaching at an early age and always knew it was the career for me. Sometimes I jokingly say that I loved my own school days so much that I realized I never wanted to leave! Throughout my own education, I discovered myself in theater, broadcasting, yearbook, and literary publications. Life fell into place around what I loved, and I found myself at Wheeler—a school where I knew I would be supported and encouraged in all my endeavors. I’m excited to bring my own support and encouragement to all of the people in the Union Township community.

Beyond teaching, I spend my time reading, writing (as any good English teacher should!), cooking, and crocheting. I also love new technology, old movies, and music from across the generations.