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Immunizations   Updated at 2/14/2017 2:26:00 PM

6th grade- Must have verification from a health care provider/health department, of the following immunizations: Tdap, MCV4, and the 2nd Varicella. Please bring your immunization verification to registration or provide the documentation before the first day of school.

12th grade- Must have verification from a health care provider/health department, of the 2nd MCV4 immunization prior to the first day of school.

All immunizations may be obtained at the Porter County Health Department.  You may call 219 465-3525 for an appointment.

For a complete list of School Immunization Requirements from the Indiana State Department of Health, click on School Immunization Requirements in the Links menu.

Medication   Updated at 2/14/2017 2:26:00 PM

All medications given at school must have a consent form signed by a parent/guardian.  Please access the Medication Consent Form by clicking on the Forms menu.

Students who carry inhalers need to have an Asthma Management Plan completed and signed by both parent/guardian and health care provider.  Please access the Asthma Management Plan form by clicking on the Forms menu.

Please remember to pick up any unused medication from the school at the end of the school year.  Medication cannot carry over to the next school year.

You may view the Union Township Medication Policy by clicking on the Forms menu.


I graduated nursing school in 2001. I started my nursing career in a level three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I assisted with high risk deliveries and transported neonates to and from our facility for further care as needed. I have been able to further my nursing knowledge by working in major metropolitan hospitals to smaller rural facilities. While the majority of my nursing career has been in the Neonatal ICU setting, I have worked different areas of interest as well such as women's health, pain clinics and pediatric care. 


I was born and raised in New York State, which is where I met my husband. My husband is from Naperville, IL. Which creates "lively" discussions in our household as to where the best pizza comes from. My vote is New York Style!! In 2001 I graduated from Nursing School and was Treasurer of Nursing Society. My husband's company has transferred our family to numerous states. So far we have lived in New York, Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois and finally here in Valparaiso Indiana. We have a rescue dog that is 14 years old. We also have two children in the Union Wheeler Township School system. I am looking forward to this new adventure for myself and getting to know the students and their families.